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Sucuri is a top website security company all over the world. It provides security software and services for your website. Here are the Sucuri Review.

Sucuri also provides a powerful wordpress plugin that you can install to protect a website from malware and hacks. To safeguard your website from security threats , Sucuri creates multiple layers. It bypasses all your traffic before sending it to the hosting server as it has a cloud proxy firewall. It blocks Hacker’s attempts to put your website at risk or Malware attack. And provide you only real visitors.

Sucuri is a great addition to your wordpress plugin list as it also makes your website faster  in speed and performance.

Sucuri Review

Sucuri’s software product includes website antivirus and firewalls and they also help you to :-

  • Remove Malware from your hacked website.
  • Remove you from the blacklist.
  • Help you access your hack website if you get locked out.
  • Put a stop to hacking or DDoS attacks.

Sucuri also provides wordpress security plugins that will prevent your website from being hacked. It offers you the tools that continuously monitor and scan your site.

Some of the features include:- Sucuri Review.

  • Security activity auditing This logs all the security related activity on your site which includes login failed login attempts.
  • File integrity monitoring– This helps to automatically detect any changes to a file.
  • Remote Malware scanning- It uses its scanner SiteCheck to search your site for Malware.
  • Blacklist monitoring- It checks with the blacklist engine to make sure your site isn’t being blocked for security issues.
  • Effective security hardening- Security hardening removes WordPress version display and protecting your upload directory.
  • Post hack security actions- Checklist of action you should take in case your site is compromised.
  • Security notification- Customize how and often you are notified of all the above mentioned activities.

Features | Sucuri Review

Sucuri offers you a wide range of website security features for all sizes of business around the world. Sucuri is one of the reliable companies available. Sucuri useful tools that make your site clean and secure for every moment. Here are some amazing features and the benefit of Sucuri WordPress security plugin.

Sucuri Monitoring Dashboard

Sucuri Monitoring Dashboard

1. Sucuri website Malware cleanup 

Malware is any software which is corrected for malicious purposes. Malware is uploaded to websites routinely, by hackers. Malware is uploaded in different ways such as disguised plugin, source code manipulation, malicious redirection, drive-by downloads, phishing or via back door. Sucuri wordpress security plugin will help you to easily remove and fix any malicious code in your website file system and database.

You can also restore your hacked website with the help of Sucuri. Sucuri has a Malware scanner, which scans your website remotely to find any malicious payload and malware. You can also check manually. Also the Sucuri web application firewall system , provides you the security from any future attacks on your website.


2. DDoS protection and mitigation 

DDoS is distributed denial of service is a type of attack where hackers try to prevent legitimate users from accessing a website. They also demand ransom from the web owners to stop DDoS attacks. Sucuri offers you a powerful plugin that can detect and block all types of DDoS attacks easily. Sucuri’s machine learning technology automatically prevents fake traffic and requests from malicious bots. Mitigation massive network attacks with different layers can be done by Sucuri’s cloud based network.


3. Advanced brute force attack protection | Sucuri Review

A popular cracking method in the virtual world is brute force attack. Which is also known as extensive search that relies on guessing the possible combination of targeted password until the correct password is discovered. Any website can be targeted by automatic bots. If the attackers against unauthorised access to your website then your business will be destroyed.

Sucuri wordpress security plugin offers excellent functionality that can prevent your brute force attacks automatically and keep your site safe. Sucuri plugin uses different methods such as signature detection, 2FA, Captcha,  passcodes, limit login attempt, country or geo-blocking, whitelisting etc to stop brute force attacks.


4. Monitor your domain name server 

Domain name servers are the most important thing on the internet. Domain name server’s most important function is used to translate domain names into IP addresses which is easy for the computer to understand. When a visitor enters a website address or clicks a link, the domain name server transmits the visitor to the correct place on the internet. It  is also an essential part of the website security. Sucuri WordPress security plugin offers a domain name server monitoring tool for its user which is a very helpful tool. It will help you to check the reliability of the service and changes into the domain name server configuration.

Sucuri Review1

Sucuri Monitoring Reports


5. Get the free SSL certificate for your website 

SSL Stands for Secure Socket Layer. Having an SSL certificate on the website will ensure you the protection of your data from being misused. It provides a specific method of encryption connection between an individual computer and a website.

While doing a secure data transfer, credit/ debit card transaction, individual login and other important information, SSL certificates play an essential role there. The certificate provides security to the customer and makes visitors more likely to stay on the website for a longer period of time. SSL certificate also affects your SEO ranking. So, it is beneficial for web owners to use SSL certificates to protect the user data. Sucuri wordpress plugin offers you a free SSL certificate for your site. It provides various free SSL certificate options that are available on the internet today.


6. Sucuri CDN | Sucuri Review

Sucuri CDN helps to improve your website performance and speed. CDN stands for  Content Delivery Network. Which is very beneficial for bloggers. Sucuri wordpress security plugin provides free CDN service.

Sucuri’s content delivery network helps you to improve your website speed up to 70% on average by caching  your website content automatically. Sucuri has multiple data centres situated around the world like the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia and Brazil. Sucuri offers you this attractive feature which will help you to improve your website performance no matter where you are.


7. Security alert system 

Sucuri offers you event monitor tools which helps you  to detect all the actions performed by WordPress. If they find any suspicious activity on your website which will notify you through their mails. you can always customise the email and recipient for any alert generated for this plugin and also email alerts are enabled by default. Security system also monitors global setting changes and core WordPress updates.


8. Secure and reliable backups

If there is any system crash or hard drive failure so important for can be saved very easily if you have your data backup. Sucuri security plugin provides you with a secure and reliable website backup. which will cover your data in the event of critical data failure. Sucuri backup service allows you to backup sites remotely via FTP. Backup system can be set on a daily , weekly or monthly basis also. You will find all your backups on the dashboard. Making Restoration the file is very easy. Just by one click on the desired backup data you can download the data on a device easily. You just need to pay $5 per month for this backup service.

 9. Excellent support team | Sucuri Review

Sucuri offers a dedicated team always available that is 24 into 7 into 365 days to help their customers. Security team has knowledge about each and every new update that is why they can help you with any issue of your website. You don’t need to worry about dealing with a hacked site. Sucuri provides support via email, live chat, call or tickets.


Pricing | Sucuri Review

Sucuri provides you three pricing plans for personal and business websites. All these plans have different features and pricing.

  • Basic plan – It is the most affordable plan provided by Sucuri. It gains a website every 12 hour for the security check. It also provides you with an Encrypt SSL certificate. This plan cost $199.99 per year.
  • Professional plan- This plan costs you $299.99 per year. This plan scans your website every six hour to protect it from security threats. Same as the previous plan it also provides you with a custom SSL certificate.
  • Business plan- This is the most advanced and powerful plan provided by it gives you the fastest response on security threats and attacks. It comes with instant chat support and Sucuri team, Black list notification and advanced DDoS protection and much more. Business plan cost $499.99 per year

Other than this, all these three plans provide you unlimited Malware cleanup, website firewall (WAF), attack prevention capability, Blacklist removal and protection from hacks.

Sucuri Review pricing


Who Should Choose Sucuri? Sucuri Review

Sucuri provides you great features and functionality which are flexible too. Sucuri’s security suite offers you the best security to safeguard your website from malwares and hacks.

You should consider buying Sucuri, if three below mentioned factors are important to you :-

1. The most comprehensive security solution 

Sucuri is well known for being the most comprehensive and powerful security solution to protect a website from the threats. To prevent your website from succumbing to harm, it takes all the precautionary measures and also blocks all the attacks at the server level.

Sucuri offers you tracking functionality that keeps logs for every activity. It means you can always find out what is happening on the website and easily fix the issues. To keep your site safe from the vulnerabilities, you need to conduct timely website security audits.


2. WordPress security

Sucuri hardens WordPress security with just one click Hardening feature. WordPress audit plugin can also be used to check on your website activities.

Sucuri offers server level scanning and protects your wordpress website servers from attack. They even monitor new and potential security threats. They informed this security issue to the wordpress core team and side by side to patch the servers. Patch the vulnerabilities at the firewall level and keep your website protected.

3. Impeccable support | Sucuri Review

Sucuri provides 24 into 7 customer support and their team is always available for you. They also offer instant chat features to the premium user only. The engineers of Sucuri are always up to date with the new development and get their customers informed about the security threats. You can totally rely on their support team to help you protect a website against attack.

Pros and Cons | Sucuri Review

Pros of Sucuri:

  • The core is free
  • Firewalls are available starting from $10 per month.
  • Instant support .
  • Malware detection.
  • Blacklist removal.
  • Easy account setup
  • Instant and amazing customer support.
  • Cloud security backup.
  • Clean and useful dashboard.
  • Hack prevention.
  • Saves all the data and patches server.

Cons of Sucuri:

  • Functions are limited.
  • Pricing is too high on some plans for small business.
  • It takes time to scan a website sometimes.

Conclusion of Sucuri Review:-

The core plugin of Sucuri is free for wordpress website which is the best thing about it. Sucuri offers you amazing and excellent features like an overtime scanning module, hardening of security and provides help to hack the website. You can also monitor your activities on your website with the help of this tool.

Sucuri one of the best features is the firewall but you need to pay extra for it. So you must give it a try to Sucuri because it is free and if you like it then you can purchase the paid plans too.


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