WASender Bulk Messaging Description: Send bulk WhatsApp messages without saving numbers using this extension (with formatting and smileys) via web.whatsapp interface.
How to Use
1. Install the extension!
2. Open WhatsApp web in a new tab and click on the ‘WA’ icon in top right
3. Add number/s and message
4. Hit Send

Warning: To avoid the blocking of numbers
– Send to known contacts only. Don’t use for spaming.
– Don’t send from your personal number.
– Don’t send over WiFi (Use mobile internet)

– Don’t send to more than 50 people in one shot.
– Don’t send more than 500 people in a single day

Note: The app works with web.whatsapp.com only!

Currently, you can use wasender web to send only text messages. Ability to add images, videos etc coming soon.

We are also planning to add features like scheduling and API integration for automatically sending invoices etc.

WASender Bulk Messaging must not be used for spamming or you risk getting blocked by the WhatsApp review system.

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WA Sender FAQ

Q. What are the system requirements for WASender?

A. WASender is a web application which is available as a Chrome plugin. This software is best suited for Google Chrome and chromium-based internet browsers such as Brave.

Q. Does WASender work for internationally?

A. Yes, WASender works in almost every country that allows WhatsApp.

Q. How to format the phone numbers correctly in excel sheet for WASender?

A. WASender provides a pre-formatted blank Excel sheet as a template for users to fill in appropriately and use it for bulk message sending.

Q. How many messages can I send in a day through WASender?

A. There is no limit to the number of messages you can send in a day, but you have to use it cautiously as WhatsApp may ban your number for spam.

Q. Can I get a demo of WASender?

A. Yes, nframa offers a demo before purchase for WASender for interested buyers. Please click here to start download


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