Using a UK IP address can help you in ways you’ve never imagined. Here are two reasons to change your IP address to a UK one.

    1. Use a UK IP address to watch content safely. Some countries persecute citizens for accessing foreign content. A UK IP address will hide that you’re accessing these resources from those countries, giving you safe access to content available in the UK.
    2. Use a UK IP address to compare prices. Use a UK IP address to check if the price of a flight, hotel, or car rental is different in the UK. Unfortunately, websites are allowed to offer different prices depending on where the customer is based. If you use a UK IP address, you can trick the website into giving you the same prices offered to UK residents.

Three of the best ways to get a UK IP address

Getting a UK IP address is simple and secure.Here are three of the easiest ways to change your IP address to a UK one.

    1. Get a UK IP address with a VPN.
    2. Use a proxy to get a UK IP address.
    3. Use the Tor network to get a UK IP address.

How to get a UK IP address with a UK VPN

Using a VPN is one of the most popular ways to change your IP address. Here’s how to get a UK IP address using a VPN.

    1. Download a VPN. We recommend NordVPN for the fastest UK servers and their powerful security.
    2. Connect to a UK server. Select the UK from NordVPN’s in-app menu.
    3. You have now changed your IP address to a UK one.

Online security starts with a click.

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5 benefits of a VPN

A VPN doesn’t just change your IP address, it can also:

    1. Keep your online activity private and secure. A VPN uses encryption to keep your data and traffic private online. It hides your online activity from your ISP, which often sells it to third parties.
    2. Protect your identity. A VPN dramatically reduces your online footprint. It hides your virtual location and frequently visited places by concealing your IP address.
    3. Protect your devices from malware. NordVPN has a Threat Protection feature that blocks suspicious websites and scans the files you download for malware. Threat Protection can be turned on in the NordVPN app.
    4. Help you access resources abroad. As a student, journalist, or political activist, you might need to access websites in other countries. Content restrictions might only allow access from certain countries. A VPN app lets you spoof your location when you connect to a country of your choice.
    5. Help protect you from cybercriminals on public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi is often unencrypted, which makes it easier for cybercriminals to steal your data. A VPN connection encrypts everything you do online and keeps you secure. Premium VPNs go even further with integrated Threat Protection, which protects your device from malware.

Are free VPNs as good as paid VPNs?

Free VPNs come with several risks. Here’s what you should know before you start using free VPN services.

  • Free VPNs are slower. Servers cost money and resources to run, resources that free VPN providers can be lacking. Too few servers can cause sluggish speeds. Some paid VPNs let you connect to servers by city, so you can connect to a London VPN server or a Scotland VPN server, for instance.
  • Log your data. Some free VPNs collect your data and sell it to third parties. So beware.

How to use a proxy to get a UK IP address

You can also get a UK IP address by using a proxy. Here are the pros and cons of using a proxy to get a foreign IP address:

  • Pro: A proxy hides your IP address by switching it with the IP address of the proxy server.
  • Pro: A proxy lets you appear as though you are signaling from another geo-location.
  • Con: Proxy servers are not encrypted.
  • Con: Hundreds of thousands of users can connect to a proxy server. In effect, proxy servers can be slow and cause buffering issues.

Note: The differences between a proxy and a VPN are stark. Read our guide to help you decide which is best for your needs.

How to use the Tor network to get a UK IP address

By default, the Tor browser picks a random country to change your IP address to, but it can be configured to use an IP address from a particular country. Here is how to use the Tor network to get a UK IP address.

      1. Find your Tor browser installation folder and navigate to:
      2. Browser > TorBrowser > Data > Tor
      3. Open the file named “torrc” with a text editor.
      4. Add the following text to make the Tor browser use a UK IP address.

ExitNodes (uk) StrictNodes 1

Note: You can also command Tor to use IP addresses from a list of countries. Always use for the country you want. Here is an example for the UK, US, China, and Russia.

ExitNodes (uk), (us), (cn), (ru) StrictNodes 1

    1. Save modifications and restart the Tor browser.

Note: Is the Tor browser safe? The Tor browser automatically encrypts your online activity, making it one of the most private ways to go online. Always use a VPN for extra security while using Tor.

How can I check if I have a UK IP address?

If your content won’t load, check your IP address. Here is a quick and easy way to check that your IP address is set to the UK.


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