Using popup forms is an excellent strategy for grabbing the attention of your visitors and collecting more leads.

If you have the right tools, you can easily create custom popup forms in WordPress without

In this article, we’ll show you how to easily create a WordPress popup form for your website without having to write any code.

Create Your WordPress Popup Form Now

Why Use a WordPress Popup Form?

It’s a smart idea for small business owners to put contact forms not just on your Contact Us page, but in a WordPress popup as well. That’s because you can give your readers a quick way to reach you without navigating away from the page that they’re on.

Plus, you can also use a WordPress popup contact form for:

  • Feedback — Gather feedback by asking for comments or even creating a survey.
  • Subscription — Build your email newsletter list by making it easy to subscribe with the click of a link.
  • Appointments — Enable users to schedule a call or appointment.

So now that you know why you want to use a WordPress popup form, let’s jump into exactly how to make one!

How to Create a WordPress Popup Form

There are a few ways you can create a popup form for your WordPress site. We’ll show you two different but easy ways.

In the first method, we’ll use a SaaS platform (OptinMonster), which integrates perfectly with WordPress to create popup forms.

The second method involves plugins that are purely native to WordPress, so you can perform all the steps without having to leave your main WordPress dashboard.

It’s entirely up to you which method you want to use. We’ve tested both methods, and they work flawlessly for popup form creation.

Method#1: Creating a Popup Form With OptinMonster + WPForms

In this method, we’ll use OptinMonster to create a popup form campaign and then use WPForms to customize the fields within the popup form.

Let’s jump into it.

Install OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a SaaS service offering conversion optimization tools. Although a SaaS service, OptinMonster integrates smoothly with WordPress sites via its plugin.

In fact, you can download the OptinMonster plugin for free and build up to 3 campaigns with a total limit of 300 campaign impressions per month without signing up for the paid license.

This is perfect for setting up your first WordPress popup window.


If you don’t know how to install a WordPress plugin, here are the instructions for adding OptinMonster to your WordPress site.

Later on, you’d probably like to remove the limitations of the free version. Thankfully, you can upgrade to OptinMonster paid license starting at just $9/month.

optinmonster pricing

When you’ve set up OptinMonster for your WordPress site, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Install WPForms

It’s possible to create a simple popup form with OptinMonster alone. However, we recommend using WPForms with OptinMonster because this combination opens up a whole new range of customization options for your popup forms.

To get started, purchase a WPForms license that works for you. We recommend WPForms Pro if you’d like to create survey forms and unlock a host of advanced functionalities.

The WPForms pricing page

After purchasing a license, go ahead and install WPForms on your site.

Create a Form Using WPForms

Once WPForms is activated, you can immediately start creating forms from your WordPress dashboard.

To start, go to WPForms » Add New.

Add new form in WPForms

You should now see the form setup screen where you can name your form and choose a template for it.

For this example, we’ll use the Simple Contact Form template. Press the Use Template button under it to continue.

Simple contact form template

WPForms will quickly load your selected template and take you to the form builder screen. The Simple Contact Form template includes the Name, Email, and Paragraph Text fields.

simple contact form loaded

It’s a good idea to keep your popup form as short and simple as possible to maximize conversions. But you can edit this template and change fields if you’d like.

When you’re happy with how your form looks, go ahead and press Save.

save your popup form

Great job! Your form is now ready. But in order to display it as a popup on your site, we’re going to need some help from OptinMonster as we show in the steps below.

Create a Popup Form Campaign Using OptinMonster

After saving your form, go back to your WordPress dashboard. Then, click on OptinMonster » Campaigns from your WordPress sidebar menu.

optinmonster campaigns

Here, click on the Create Your First Campaign button.

optinmonster first campaign

OptinMonster offers lots of different campaign types. Select Popup as your campaign type.

popup campaign type

After that, scroll down and choose a template from the available options. Simply hover your cursor over a template and press the Use Template button.

Basic template

OptinMonster will prompt you to give a name to your campaign. Enter a name and press the Start Building button to proceed.

start building

Now, you’ll find yourself on the OptinMonster campaign builder screen, with your selected template loaded.

basic popup template

As you can see, this template is great for capturing name and email information from your customers. If this is what you’d like, you can publish this popup campaign as is without adding the WPForms block.

But if you’d like to include more advanced fields such as a rating field to quickly gather user feedback or simply a text box that can accept comments from users, then WPForms can help you with that.

In the previous step, we used WPForms to create a simple contact form that includes a text box field in addition to the name and email fields. Now, we can simply recall that form to the OptinMonster popup form campaign.

Let’s first edit the popup header to include useful directions for visitors seeing the popup form. Just click on the header text, and type in any message you want.

edit popup header text

Since we want to include a form we created separately with WPForms here, we’re going to delete the pre-existing optin fields from this popup campaign. You can delete any element from your campaign by hovering your cursor over it and clicking on the Trash icon.

delete optin field

Now, we can drag and drop the WPForms block right under the campaign header.

wpforms block for OM

Click on the WPForms block after you’ve added it to the campaign. This will open settings where you can select any form created with WPForms to embed in your campaign.

Click the Form Selection dropdown on the left-hand pane of the campaign builder, which will open a list of all the forms you’ve previously created with WPForms. Select a form that you’d like to embed in the popup campaign.

select the form

Awesome! We’re almost done creating a WordPress popup form using the first method.

Preview and Publish Your WordPress Popup Form

Because OptinMonster uses shortcodes to embed forms made with WPForms, you can’t immediately see a live preview of your form within the popup form campaign.

But you can preview it right before you publish it. To do that, click on the Publish button on the navigation bar at the top.

publish om popup form

On this screen, there’s a preview button. Clicking the Preview button will take you to your site’s frontend where the form will pop up on your screen, just like it would for your visitors.

preview campaign

Now OptinMonster will trigger your WordPress popup form on page load. Here’s how it looks in our example:

OM popup preview

The preview gives you an opportunity to double-check everything before you’re ready to publish the campaign.

Once you’re happy with how the popup form looks, go ahead and press the Publish button under Publish Status.

Publish popup form

Great! Your campaign is now live. The popup form will now appear for all users visiting your site.

If you want, you can also change the display rules for your WordPress popup form.

Go back to OptinMonster » Campaigns. Find the campaign you just created and hover your cursor over it. Then, click on the Output Settings option.

OM output settings

Here, you can change the visibility of the campaign and set it to be visible only to visitors, logged-in users, or both.

You can also exclude this campaign from selected pages or include it to display only on a few specific pages. It’s entirely up to you to decide which pages your popup form should display on.

advanced visibility settings om

After changing display rules to your liking, make sure to press the green Save Changes button on the right.

And that’s all you need to do to create a WordPress popup form campaign using OptinMonster and WPForms!


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