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Google is killing older Dropcam and Nest home security products

The infamous Google Graveyard will soon welcome some new devices the Alphabet company is preparing to kill for good. A message posted on the Google Nest official community is informing users that, thanks to the...

Tim Cook shares thoughts on AR and VR as uncertainty surrounds the technology

In an extensive interview with GQ, Apple CEO Tim Cook briefly explains why he thinks VR and AR technology are worthwhile, even as they currently face uncertain times. Cook didn't confirm Apple's work...

Data center uses its waste heat to warm public pool, saving $24,000 per year

As reported by Datacenter Dynamics, UK startup Deep Green's 28kW system runs a high-performance computing (HPC) cluster for cloud customers looking to use its computing resources. The system, which the BBC describes as washing-machine size,...
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How to Get Slack Notifications From WordPress Forms

Setting up form notifications on a Slack channel is a very useful way of staying informed about any new entries as they’re submitted. In this...