An SMTP plugin can fix email deliverability issue across your whole WordPress site. Plus, the best SMTP plugins also include a bunch of extra features to help you manage your WordPress emails in a better way.

In this article, we will look at the best WordPress SMTP that you can use on your website.

How Do You Use Email SMTP Plugin in WordPress?

To use an email SMTP plugin in WordPress, you need to install it first and connect it with a mailer service. Once you’ve configured your SMTP plugin, it will handle emails for your entire WordPress sites to make sure they’re delivered in the recipients’ inboxes every time.

Some SMTP plugins go the extra mile to offer a lot more than just a deliverability solution. We’ll cover the best SMTP plugins in the next section.

7 Best WordPress SMTP Plugins

Here are the best WordPress SMTP plugins for WordPress:

1. WP Mail SMTP


WP Mail SMTP is one of the best WordPress SMTP plugins, with over 2+ million active installations.

WP Mail SMTP connects with the top mailer services to improve your site’s email deliverability.

Apart from fixing deliverability issues, WP Mail SMTP’s paid version includes extremely valuable features. One of these is email logging, which keeps track of all emails sent in your WordPress dashboard including any attachments those emails may contain.

Viewing the WP Mail SMTP email log


Another super awesome feature is email tracking which allows you to see the open and click rates for all of your emails. This is great if you want to analyze how well different emails are performing.

Email reports wp mail smtp

WP Mail SMTP can also send you email failure notifications to a Slack channel, email address, or to your phone via SMS. If any email errors occur, you’ll be instantly notified via your preferred channel so you can fix the problem ASAP.

WP Mail SMTP alerts

That’s not all. With WP Mail SMTP, you can also control which default WordPress notifications you’d like to receive. You can enable or disable different types of WordPress notifications, allowing you to keep your inbox clean and free from unnecessary emails.

Overall, WP Mail SMTP is the most full-featured WordPress SMTP plugin on the market.

Pricing: WP Mail SMTP paid plan starts at $49.00 per year.

2. Easy WP SMTP


Easy WP SMTP is a simple and lightweight SMTP plugin. It has a free version available and very simple settings to configure SMTP on your site.

You can connect your Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail account with Easy WP SMTP. However, you also have the option of integrating it with popular mailing services like SendLayer and Sendinblue.

While the free version of Easy WP SMTP is good for connecting with some common mailing services to improve deliverability, it lacks several advanced features. For instance, you’ll need to upgrade to Easy WP SMTP Pro if you want to track open and click counts for your emails, log your emails, and view email reports in your WordPress admin dashboard.

Pricing: You can use Easy WP SMTP for free or upgrade starting at $49 per year.

3. WP Offload SES Lite

WP Offload SES Lite

WP Offload SES Lite is a decent SMTP plugin but it’s fairly limited in that it only connects with Amazon SES.

Also, setting up the plugin for the first time is tricky and lacks the straightforward setup that you get with WP Mail SMTP.

The good thing is that WP Offload SES Lite includes some extra features like weekly email reports highlighting the delivery status of your sent emails. Plus, the premium version can also track open and click counts for sent emails.

But it doesn’t include email failure notifications, which is a bit disappointing. Besides, if Amazon SES is not your mail server, you should get WP Mail SMTP because it supports plenty of mailing services other than Amazon SES>

Pricing: WP Offload SES Lite is free to use, but you will need to pay $80 per year to upgrade to WP Offload SES.

4. SMTP Mailer

SMTP Mailer

SMTP Mailer is a free WordPress plugin with a simple interface that allows you to connect with any SMTP server.

Some notable features of SMTP Mailer are:

  • You can send test email deliverability.
  • Enable/Disable SMTP authentication when you send emails.
  • Integrate with popular email services

Using SMTP Mailer isn’t very easy. You need to manually connect SMTP Mailer with your mailer service by finding and entering details like the SMTP server name, SMTP port, and so on. This can be a little daunting for beginners.

Besides, SMTP Mailer has limited features. You can’t track your emails or see a log of sent emails with complete details. WP Mail SMTP is a better choice if you want advanced features in your SMTP plugin.

Pricing: SMTP Mailer is free to use.

5. Gmail SMTP

Gmail SMTP

As the name suggests, Gmail SMTP is for you if your website uses Gmail as the  SMTP server.

You can opt for Gmail SMTP if you want to send WordPress emails using your Gmail account.

Some notable features of Gmail SMTP are:

  • It uses OAuth 2.0, a much more secure method for login than the traditional method.
  • Encrypted authentication when sending emails.
  • Send test emails to verify if everything is working correctly.

Gmail SMTP has limited functionality and is also trickier to set up than other options like WP Mail SMTP. Besides OAuth 2.0 and email testing, Gmail SMTP doesn’t provide any other feature to make it standout as a WordPress SMTP plugin.

But if deliverability is all you’re looking for and you’re comfortable with its complicated setup process, GMail SMTP can get the job done for you.

That said, WP Mail SMTP is a much better option with more advanced features if you want to send emails from your Gmail account or any other mail server.

Pricing: Gmail SMTP is free to use.

6. Post SMTP


Post SMTP is a good WordPress plugin to boost your email deliverability rate. It is easy to set up Post SMTP because of its well-designed setup wizard.

Post SMTP connects with some popular mail services including Mailgun, Sendgrid, and Gmail.

Some notable features of Post SMTP are:

  • Diagnoses failed emails and resends them.
  • Built-in email logger to keep track of sent emails.

Since Post SMTP is a free plugin, you won’t get any premium support. Also, you can’t use Post SMTP without a third-party service provider.

Pricing: WP Mail SMTP is free to use.

7. Mail Bank

Mailbank SMTP Plugin

With Mail Bank, you can improve and test your email deliverability by connecting the plugin with service providers including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and more.

Some other features of Mail Bank are:

  • Detailed email logs to keep track of sent emails.
  • Email, push notification, or Slack notification for failed emails.

The Free version of Mail Bank offers only basic features, and premium plans are expensive for the provided services. Because of this, WP Mail SMTP stands as a better alternative to Mail Bank.

Pricing: Mail Bank paid plan starts at €29.99 per year.

Winner: Which SMTP Plugin Is the Best for WordPress?

After comparing the features of the above WordPress SMTP plugins, we can conclude that WP Mail SMTP  is a clear winner. It’s way ahead of its competitors when it comes to ease of use and number of useful features.

WP Mail SMTP Users

What’s more, Elite users get White Glove Setup which means the support team from WP Mail SMTP can configure the plugin for you if you don’t want to do it yourself.

With additional features, including integrations with the most popular SMTP mailer services, detailed reporting and statistics, comprehensive email logs, and more, we recommend WP Mail SMTP for all websites.

And that’s it! These are the best WordPress SMTP plugin. Now, you should be able to make an informed decision and pick the best WordPress SMTP plugin for your website.


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